TriCore Orthopedic Neck Pillow- Gentle Support quantity 3
TriCore Orthopedic Neck Pillow- Gentle Support quantity 3
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Orthopedic neck pillow with contours that allows for optimal neck support. The Tri Core Orthopedic neck pillow works to align the spine and support the neck in its natural position to help relieve things like headaches, joint strains, arthritis in the cervical spine, sprain strain injuries, and other neck pain. Works for side and back sleepers. This special fiber pillow has a patented unique trapezoid center design. It features 2 neck lobes cushion the head and support the neck. Great for correction and maintenance of different stages of care. 

Composed of: allergen-fighting Fortrel Bactishield antimicrobial fiber
Level of Support: Full Size Soft
Dimensions of neck pillow: 24" x 16"
Comes in Quantity: 3/box
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Quantity Per Box: 3 Pillows
Shipping Cost: $19.90 USD / per box of 3
Shipping Method:  UPS
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Dimensions: 24"x16"
Color: white
Comes in quantity of 3
Fits a standard size pillow case

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