6x10 Hot and Cold Pack Basic Quantity 16
6x10 Hot and Cold Pack Basic Quantity 16
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A basic hot and cold pack is sized 6"x 10". Great for spot areas, smaller to medium areas of the body that you want to work on: an ankle, toe, hand, knee or leg etc. Very versatile and comfortable to use an an ice pack or as a heating pad. Frost free and provides superior pain relief. 

This therapy pack works great as a hot pack and cold pack. A very versatile therapy for sprains/strains, headaches, soft tissue injuries, muscle tightness and more. Simply warm in the microwave or keep in the freezer as a cold ice pack. Gentle on the skin. These hot and cold packs work to:
  • decrease swelling
  • decrease pain and inflammation
  • decrease blood flow
  • promote healing the area you need it the most
Dimensions of Hot and Cold Pack: 6" x 10"
Comes in Quantity: 16/box
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Quantity Per Box: 16 hot and cold therapy packs
Shipping Cost: $11.90  USD / per box of 12
Shipping Method:  UPS
Payment: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Money Order or check (check must clear before product is shipped)
Dimensions of hot and ice pack 6"x10", Medium
Shape Rectangle
Shipping Weight 23 lbs
Comes in quantity of 16
Great For ankles, wrists, hands, legs etc
Color Light Blue
Composed of Non Toxic, biodegradable fill
Where to keep Keep at Room Temperature until you need it as a hot pack or in the freezer
Features Benefits
Great for Injuries Long Lasting
Don't need to spend money over and over again on hot and cold packs Reusable
Safe Filled with Nontoxic biodegradable fill

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